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Lutgarde Blonde

Lutgarde Lager

Slightly hopped

The Lutgarde lager beer is a slightly hopped lager beer. It has a round and soft feel in the mouth, making it an exceptional beer for special moments. The cold hopping of Saaz adds a fruity and aromatic taste, which makes it deliciously particular.


ALC. 6.0% - IBU: 26 - EBC: 22 - Plato: 14.5 °P
Lutgarde Blanche

Lutgarde Ale

Slightly flavoured

The Lutgarde ale beer, the lager’s sister, is a fruity ale beer. The subtle addition of natural cactus extracts gives it its fruity and refreshing accent. This balanced ale beer is emphasised with a dash of ginger and a slightly lemony touch that outline its originality.


ALC. 4.5% - IBU: 24 - EBC: 25 - Plato: 12 °P
Draft Lutgarde

Draft Lutgarde

The draft Lutgarde would, according to reliable sources, be different than the one in bottles. As a matter of fact, the container plays an essential role in the taste of a beer, even if the contents are the same.
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Gift pack

Gift pack

Nothing better than a gift pack to please your friends and make them discover our products.
The Lutgarde pack includes 2 glasses, 2 lager beers and 2 ale beers.

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